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In this episode, I explore the rituals of Girls Day, also known as Hina Matsuri. Girl’s day is a Japan Holiday. On this day Japanese dolls called Hina dolls are displayed in Japanese homes. These dolls are laid out on leveled planks with red carpeting. They represent marriage, and the Emperor and Empress of the Heian period. Some of these doll sets can be incredibly expensive.

Hina Matsuri, is the festival celebrating girl’s day. Some cities in Japan throw festivals on streets with merchants lining up their booths and vying for the business of passerby’s. This video shows you the dolls you can find at various shops for the girl’s festival and some of the traditions.

Hina Matsuri is big in Japan, with most families participating in some way, either by displaying Hina Dolls, or joining and partaking in festivities.

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