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On Sunday the 29th of July, My wife worked at the Fuji Rock Festival as a volunteer nurse. However, by the time she was accepted as a volunteer, the show was already sold out. I decided to go anyway. I found a scalper and bought a ticket and the rest is just memories!

Half way through the night, I got sick and broke my phone. Unable to take any more videos, I waited until my wife found me at the car and then we enjoyed the end of the festival listening and watching the RadioHead show together. I have since fixed my phone and recovered the video! This is a little bit of the crazy fun of that day.

The music in this video are covered under fair use as described by the US government copyright office

***incidental and fortuitous reproduction, in a newsreel or broadcast, of a work located in the scene of an event being reported.” ***

Each scene was depicting the people watching the concert except the scene of Galactic where I provided reference to the original work and author and is also covered under fair use as it is only a few seconds long and is used to explain the scene and not to showcase the music. It is fortuitous, but with Galactic’s blessing via twitter I received implied permission as they were looking forward to watching my video on YouTube. As a newsreal style coverage of an event, it is respectfully covered under fair use.

Galactic ‏@GalacticFunk Aug. 3

@GrinningStudio thanks! We will check it out. We had a great time @fujirock…

Galactic, by the way are awesome good people and talented artists! Please subscribe to their feed and check out their music.

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