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I went to a snack bar to have a drink and sing a song on my day off. Just to have a break from my various jobs, part time work, hobbies and what not. It was late so the only places open were Snack Bars. Snack bars are curious Japanese bars. They are usually staffed by middle aged women that are agreeably talkative by trade. They spend their time stroking the ego’s of hard working salary men to the tune of unknown charges.

Snack bar prices are not listed. If you want to know, you have to ask. They charge for your seat, the songs you sing, the obligatory munchies or food they give you without you asking for it, and drinks of course. The bill comes without any itemization and it always feels arbitrarily charged based on the owner, or mama-san’s mood.

This night, some drunk guys accidentally changed the key of the song I was singing to the tune of 200 yen. Each song at this bar is 200 yen, whether you sing it or not. The hostesses often try to get you to make requests or let them sing or drink on your bill.

Snack bars are a curiosity of Japanese culture. But they serve their purpose when there is no where else to go on a day off in the middle of the week.

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The poor audio and music in this clip was not added by me, it was what was playing when I recorded the guys messing with me. It is arbitrary and is in no way used out of context. The video is about snack bars, and an occurrence I had with some Japanese guys, and is educationally presenting a cultural aspect of Japan, (that being snack bars, and that drunk Japanese guys know how to prank people just as well as the next guy.) I would call this fair use, as who would even want part of a song that is sung poorly and changes key halfway through with tons of background noise. That’s ridiculous. In no way do I use the song’s name or artist to promote this video, and I will not as that is not the purpose of this video. The purpose is to entertainingly educate people interested about Japan and Japanese culture, as are all my videos.

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