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This video is from Bruce Schofield’s “Time Lapse Japan” series of videos. Bruce Schofield is a Grinning Studios Network partner. You can check out his videos at –…

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The video was recorded by Bruce Schofield, The sound effects can be found for free use at – and

The music from this video is; TeknoAXE’s Royalty Free Music – Royalty Free Loop Music #20 (Tribal Drum Corps) PercussionActionSuspense and can be found at – and TeknoAXE’s Royalty Free Music – Royalty Free Loop Music #22 (Fields of Fury) ActionSuspenseOrchestra which can be found at –


YOUTUBE ATTENTION: My Permission to use the music in this video can be found at the following address:…

Grinning Studios owns all rights to use, monetize, distribute, modify, and do what ever we want to all the elements in this video. All rights are reserved by Grinning Studios and our network partners, including channels, Save Sci-Fi, and Bruce Schofield. For information about becoming a network partner, please message us, or visit out FaceBook Page link at the top of this description.

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