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Every workday, I drive an hour and a half to work. I don’t mind the drive, it is the getting to work that bothers me. The Apita I work at makes all the employees Park on the top floor of the building, they lock the elevator doors and make the employees walk down the car ramp to the third floor. Why? I have no idea! To prevent thieves from breaking into the employee cars? Trust me… not going to stop them. After going down to the first floor, employees must leave the building again, walk around to the back entrance and check in. In the summer, this trip is not so bad, but in the winter when there is a high layer of snow on everything, it is downright hazardous.

I just want to complain. I am more than happy to do what the Apita mall I work at wants me to do, I just don’t see any reason for it. Who does it benefit? I just can’t find a benefit that fits the inconvenience. I think I will die before I learn what it is.

Japan is actually a fantastic place, and though some things just don’t make sense to me and I want to complain, that doesn’t mean it is wrong. Japan and America have completely different cultures and I have come to understand that different doesn’t always mean worse. Living in Japan is actually spectacular and filled with wonderful and exciting events, places, foods, people and the list goes on.

This video is not meant to say that anything is wrong with Japan or the place I work at. It is merely a rant because I don’t like being forced to do something that I don’t understand the reason for. That kind of circumstance is common in Japan. It is ingrained in the Japanese culture. It is in the American culture to be skeptical of any process or method that you don’t fully understand.

Voicing these complaints to others is part of American Culture, and is also a big part of comedic rhetoric. Seinfeld for instance makes people laugh by complaining about things they are familiarly inconvenienced by. In Japan however, these complaints are taboo. It is not ok to tell others how difficult your check in at work is. This is a complete 180 degree turn in cultural acceptance. That kind of Seinfeld humor just isn’t funny in Japan.

So, this video and all of my videos, blogs, stories, and podcasts are in English only and meant for the English speaking audience. If you are Japanese and you are offended by what I post here, my apologies. But these videos are not meant for a Japanese audience. I invite you to go watch a cartoon or something else.

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