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Japanese Arcade Game of the Day – 002: Dragon Ball Z (Awakening Super Saiyan)

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JAGOD, or Japanese Arcade Game of the Day is a video series where I will be playing a Japanese arcade game every day I have a chance, and showing you the results. This Japanese arcade game of the day episode includes ...

Japan Quickies: Japanese hate American Country Music… (or my singing.)

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I went to a snack bar to have a drink and sing a song on my day off. Just to have a break from my various jobs, part time work, hobbies and what not. It was late so the only places open were Snack Bars. Snack bars a...

Japan Quickies: 100 yen Poppin Ai toy.

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Just a quick vid of me buying a little toy from the gacha gacha machine. It's called a poppin ai. Please like and subscribe to support my 4 hours of video work per month. Thanks for watching. If you like these vide...

Grinning Studios Vlog 08-17-2012 – let’s play, ijime, and surgery

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What's bothering me or making me feel good today. Vacation time is over. Fun while it lasted but back to work, and less time for YouTube T_T. Bullying in the news and personal bullying experience in Japan at my wor...

Japanese Arcade Game of the Day: Disney items, with help from a cute arcade employee.

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In this Episode 6 of JAGOD, I recruit the help of a cute Arcade employee to help me understand how to win some Disney paraphernalia. Please like and subscribe to support my 4 hours of video work per month. Thank...

McDonalds Japan Mega Mac in 60 seconds or it’s free!

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At McDonalds in Japan as of January, the Mega Mac sandwich has made it's yearly debut. Also, From 11 AM to 2 PM, if they don't give you the sandwich within 60 seconds, you get it for free! In this video, I take the...

Toilets in Japan: Hi-tech and not so Hi-tech

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Not all toilets are created Equal. In this episode, I take a look at some of the High Tech capabilities of toilets in Japan and the not so High Tech. There are two styles of toilets you can find in Japan. Ones with...

Japanese Arcade / Game Center

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In this video, I check out the Game Center (video game arcade) at the Apita Mall. Most of the game center is divided up between kids games, UFO catchers and slot/pachinko/metals games. There are very few "video games,...

Japanese Arcade Game of the Day: UFO Catcher – NGE Rei Ayanami

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For this episode of Japanese Arcade Game of the Day, I wanted to try something a little bit more sexy. Neon Genesis Evangelion's Ayanami Rei. Rei is the blue haired girl of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, she has ...

Skyrim Dawnguard Let’s Play Super Modded 006 – Yarl GruffyBalls, and Mr. Condescending

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The sixth episode of the Roleplayed version of the let's play Skyrim Dawnguard super modded adventure with, Grin. In this episode, A new beautiful companion joins my entourage. I have a meeting with Yarl Gruffyballs.....

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